The team at Brandon Street Chambers brings a wealth of legal experience to meet the needs of our clients, and not merely from our extensive backgrounds in criminal law. We stand at the forefront of those who challenge the exercise of state power, not only in the context of prosecutions, but also in cases where the state has over-stepped its powers to the detriment of others.

We have legal experience from New Zealand and the United Kingdom and from the fields as diverse as commercial, employment and public law. Our clients therefore benefit from a broad base of legal knowledge that can sometimes make all the difference in resolving legal disputes.

We take a collegial approach to the practice  of law. Experienced team leaders in each specialisation advise and mentor other chambers members, to ensure that the advice our clients receive is the best available.

We are also proud to maintain the tradition of taking legal aid cases, as many who need our skills the most are the ones who can least afford to pay for professional skill and advice.